Most of the engineers prefer to choose IT as their career choice. An IT manager will use his understanding of storing, manipulating, transmitting, and to retrieve the information from the computers. His profession is to deal with the electronic devices and to master in this field. IT is the most growing pace in the industrial and commercial sectors. Also, it has given the maximum contribution to the development of India. As per the studies, there will be around 7.5% of the development in the IT sector in the coming a few years. It has been prevalent in government sectors, E-commerce sectors, telecommunications, biotechnology industry, and much more. For the IT engineers, the entry-level packages for the year range from INR 2-6 lakhs and the late-career it is more than ten lakhs. Instrumentation and Control Engineering Instrumentation and the control engineers will design, develop, install, and manage equipment which is required in the monitoring and the controlling in engineering systems. In this, you will have to make sure if all the systems and instruments are working effectively or not. Under this profile, you may get a job in the companies who are the manufacturers and suppliers of the instruments. The example of such companies is the nuclear and renewable energy company. Hence, you need to go through the entire process of the organization. You will come across different colleagues who are indulged in purchasing and designing of the equipment. For entry-level, the average salary per annum is INR 300,000 to INR 400,000. However, the entire average salary may differ as per your experience in the same.


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